Moin!~ This is my little personal site where I put my ideas, ramblings, and creative projects. It's obvious I'm a Yu-Gi-Oh enthusiast, but I promise this website is much more than a nerd repository (though you'll find a whole lot of that here, too).

Feel free to snoop, read a fic or an essay or two, or just browse the digital labrynth I've created. I try to create completely different layouts for each section of my site because I'm insane a little too ambitious of a hobby coder...
Enjoy your stay!


Index: Added a feed for my blorbo.social account to the front page! Feel free to follow me if you want to hear me babble in real time about silly bullshit :-)


Fiction: Created fic landing page, added comment feature, and uploaded 2 fics. Will need to take time to port over the others...


Shrines: Added images to galleries for my OCs, Avery and Malachi, and my OC, Elendar.
Index: Added new video and song to frontpage :). Fixed A LOT of issues with the grid. Still not perfect, nor working correctly for mobile, but thats something I can get to at a later date. At least it works for desktop displays correctly! (I think?...grid is tricky)


Journal: Added RSS feed to my blog to make it less painstaking to update
Ramblings: Added review for 5 Pauly Shore films of varying quality lol


Index: HUGE update to layout. Welcome to the 3.0 layout!


Ramblings: added two essays :)
Thanks for 50 follows! So glad to sometimes pop on here and share my thoughts from time to time.


Ramblings: added ring-kun comic to shitposts
About: added header and some more Q&A. thanks for the anon/guestbook messages! :)


Gallery: added a couple finished digital drawings and a doodle (I'm trying to use my tablet more >_<


Index: updated banner, background, and music--changed to forbidden memories soundtrack

Misc: added created a webring

Bookmarks: changed background


Ramblings: added landing page (no essays added yet)


Shrines: finished english-japanese yugioh dm shipping/fanpage archive

Gallery: added new digital tendershipping art


Index: added mascot image; adjusted colors; started dating update logs cause I was a dingus and forgot before lol


Shrines: created landing page & YGO DM Megashrine

Bookmarks: added more buttons and descriptions

Gallery: new theme

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