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Yugioh Sites

YGO Turnpike circa 2003
Yugioh fansite, formally hosted Wikific. Great resource for character info and meta anylysis for cards & characters.
Awesome personal site. Lots of shrines!!! A fellow DMoC appreciator and a great place for weird wiki articles.
Yugioh shrine site with links to a ton of ancient internet sites for ancient egyptian card games.

Misc. Neocities

Create more. Consume less.
Cool personal site with nice art & good horror media reviews. Lots of cool shrines too!
Really cool website about spiritual phenomenon.
Another anime nerd cataloging all things PKMN, especially Gary.
Personal site with a lot of really cool coding & a very cute cat.
Art blog and personal journal. Touken Ranbu and Guilty Gear focused.
Personal blog & frog enthusiast. Touched a succulent pig once.
Fanfiction & fanart for a variety of series and OCs. The layout on this site is like smooth, creamy peanutbutter for the eyes.
Cute personal blog & shrines for pokemon and digimon.
Neat photography blog. Lots of older digital cameras.

If you're a button collector and would like to take my button back with you from this button bizzarre, here's one I made for my site.

Visual treats
  • Cameron's World (Very neat digital collage)
  • Yvette's Bridal Formal (Incredible rabbit hole)