2D Art

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Baku Headshot, October 2021

This is just me trying to learn cell shading. Nothing fancy, but just a lil doodle.

Tendership Vamps, September 2021

I've been watching a lot of vampire media lately and uh....this came out lol. Bakura would definitely be like Lestat in Queen of the Damned--a super cringey goth rocker who just wants attention. Him and Ryou would meet on some cheesy vampire forum in 2003. I'm happy with how I colored the latex for this one...this took forever but I'm proud of it even though I made this just for me. That's the best kind of art. I'm happy I pushed through this one, even when I struggled with this insane made up pose lol.
skullcrobat tomato

Skullcrobat Yuuya, July 2021

I was thinking a lot about how one of my favorite archetypes (yes, I like Performapals...I know it's cringe, I don't care) has too many cards banned and got sad that Skullcrobat Joker will never see the light of day. His design is too good to be shelved forever fuck you konami. So I decided to draw my favorite tomato boy as him. I might have gone a little overboard with the filter effects but I think he's cute.

Bimbo Joey, June 2021

This Joey came to me after binging like 3 seasons of a drag competition show that will not be named. Remembering the beauty pageant scene I appreciated his sincerity and had to give it a go drawing him serving bimbo realness. I might have gotten a little too enthusiastic about his ass lol.

Energized Enrico, June 2021

The man. The myth. The meme. Man this tiktok has been on my mind for a whole week now and something about this guy's intense stare and his ability to scare passersby reminded me of Maxwell. I fully believe that if Maxwell wasn't a Catholic, he'd be making tiktoks like this.



Smoking Jounouchi, May 2021

I was really gawking over this image of Billy Idol and wanted to draw my favorite bad boy ditching class to smoke behind the dumpster.

Pensive Ryou, March 2021

After watching almost all of the first season of Initial D, I felt inspired by the 90's stoic supermodel covers for the manga and wanted to draw my favorite boy pensively sitting. What's Ryou thinking about? Definitely not racing!

Bustin', (in progress)

Still working on this, but I've always had a silly Ghostbusters AU in mind for Yuugi and Ryou. Had a lot of fun drawing their expressions for this one. Drawing the uniforms and the proton pack has been a pain in the ass, but I'd like to finish this one day...

A buddy of mind has been wanting to collab, so I might see if they're up to coloring this for me once it's finished.

Here's some music to listen to while I work on finishing this perspective nightmare _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_