My name’s Whim, but you can call me Webmaster Whimwitch if you’re nasty ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°).

I’m an extremely amateur coder/artist/writer/necromancer, but a professional napper. I try to live by the motto “my own self expression is much more important than what strangers on the internet think” and “don’t like don’t read.” These two phrases have saved me a lot of heartache in recent years and I think are worth adopting by everyone.

Online, I’m mostly around posting my art, browsing deceased websites, and reading your local comment section. I am also actively working on a few fandom preservation projects that I will be posting here.

Offline, I'm a somewhat regular 20-something-year-old with very niche interests. I tend to keep to myself for the most part, but find it easier to connect with others virtually.

If you want to get in touch, leave a comment on my neocities page or send an email.
I don’t bite! (ง ื▿ ื)ว

  • Interests: Yu-gi-oh, horror, ARGs, TTRPGs, urban exploration, film photography, tarot, cooking, cats, & the unknown
  • Poets: CA Conrad, Kaveh Akbar, Franny Choi, Mark Bibbins
  • Currently reading: ??? lol i haven't been able to finish anything this year. I hope to read more in 2022. I have a problem where I start books and never get a chance to come back to them.
  • Aspirations: Being debt free, publishing a poetry chapbook, chilling in a sensory deprivation tank

Q & A

What's a Whimwitch?
- A Whimwitch is the sandwich of your dreams. Or it can be the whims of a witch. Or this yugioh card.

Why does your site combine Yugioh, Tarot, and gay shit?
- I am interested in all kinds of card games, including tarot. I also saw Episode 13 of DM and combining the two seemed like a no brainer to my easily influenced brain at age 9. Also, Yugioh is full of that
gay shit, and as a gay shit myself, I of course laser focus on it.

Why is Dark Magigican of Chaos on your about?
- Because he's sexy.

Who's that on your front page?
- That's a lil gijinka I drew of Performapal Whimwitch, but color matched for my site. I love that monster's design and thought it'd be cute as a lil human mascot since it's my site's namesake. While it may seem to be a girl because of how femenine it looks, it's just a genderless gijinka wearing the same outfit :). I may draw more of my mascot in the future, maybe embracing the kitty cat more.

What's the name of the song on your home page?
- It's a song from the YGO Forbidden Memories soundtrack for the Preliminary Duel. Some incredible person on youtube remastered the PS1 audio and shared it with the world. The game itself is....uh...interesting lol, but the music and spritework are incredible and worth checking out.
The song on this page is also from that game's soundtrack, for the Library Menu.
The song on my rambling page is the Italian YGO opening. And then I have some midis and songs from the Toei and Japanese DM soundtrack sprinkled throughout my site as well. If there's any other songs you'd like to know the name of that I'm forgetting about, just let me know!