"I've been called many things through the ages. Pharaoh. Yugioh.
I've been known as Yami."
- Dan Green

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters is a manga, anime, and card game series created by Kazuki Takahashi and produced by Konami. Originally published in 1996, the series has inspirsed 7 spin-offs and is still running as of 2021.
The original series follows Yuugi Mutou, a shy high-schooler who solves the millennium puzzel passed down to him by his grandfather. Once solved, a mysterious spirit takes over his body. The spirit of the puzzle at first struggles to make sense of his existence, unaware that he is a separate entity from Yuugi. He severely punishes those who pose a threat to Yuugi's friends and anyone who he judges as being unfair in dangerous shadow games. As the series continues, the spirit of the puzzle (Yuugi refers to him as「もう一人のボク」, or "the other me", though the English fandom tends to call him Yami Yuugi) mellows out, befriending those in Yuugi's circle.
The early series focuses on a variety of different games before eventually settling on Duel Monsters. The card game is used as the catalyst leading to the reveal of Yami Yuugi's past as the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Atem. Yu-Gi-Oh explores themes of friendship, self-acceptance, trauma, and forgiveness over the course of 38 manga volumes, 27 OVA episodes (known as Season 0), 224 anime episodes (exluding the 12 episode spin-off for Capsule Monsters), and 4 films, ending with Dark Side of Dimensions.

𓊈 MAIN CAST STATS--Hover for info 𓊉

Yuugi Mutou

Birthday: June 4
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Hamburger
Least Favorite Food: Shallot

Yuugi Muto

Yami Yuugi

Age: 16(+3000 years)
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Ta'amiya[
Least Favorite Food: Batarekh


Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner

Birthday: August 18
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Ramen
Least Favorite Food: Grated Yam


Jounouchi Katsuya/Joey Wheeler

Birthday: January 25
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood Type: B
Favorite Foods: Steak, shrimp, and curry rice
Least Favorite Food: N/A


Honda Hiroto/Tristan Taylor

Birthday: April 19
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki
Least Favorite Food: Natto


Seto Kaiba

Birthday: October 25
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Filet mignon with foie gras sauce
Least Favorite Food: Oden


Mokuba Kaiba

Birthday: July 7
Height: 142 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Chocolate parfait
Least Favorite Food: Celery


Ryou Bakura

Birthday: September 2
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Profiterole
Least Favorite Food: Raw oyster


Yami Bakura

Age: >3000 years old
Height: 176 cm/171 cm (TKB)
Weight: 52 kg/50 kg (TKB)
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Roast pig
Least Favorite Food: Chickpea paste


Mai Kujaku/Mai Valentine

Birthday: November 20
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Penne Arrabiata
Least Favorite Food: Durian


Pegasus Crawford/Maximillion Pegasus

Birthday: October 8
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Wine and gorgonzola cheese
Least Favorite Foods: Cuttlefish and squid


Malik Ishtar

Birthday: December 23
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Koshary
Least Favorite Food: Meat dishes


Ryuji Ootogi/Duke Devlin

Birthday: February 28
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood Type: B
Favorite Food: Chinese cuisine
Least Favorite Food: Vinegared food



Age: Deceased
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Blood Type: ???
Favorite Food: ???
Least Favorite Food: ???



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  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist (Duels 60-219)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! R (Not canon, but read between BC and MW)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World (Duels 220-END)

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