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Yugioh Sites

YGO Turnpike circa 2003
Yugioh fansite, formally hosted Wikific. Great resource for character info and meta anylysis for cards & characters.
This is the creator of a lot of YGO pixel art. Pretty much all of this person's 00's era fanart was archived.
An Italian YGO fansite for all seires (somewhat active)
Awesome personal site. Lots of shrines!!! A fellow DMoC appreciator and a great place for weird wiki articles.
Yugioh shrine site with links to a ton of ancient internet sites for ancient egyptian card games.

Misc. Neocities

Create more. Consume less.
Cool personal site with nice art & good horror media reviews. Lots of cool shrines too!
Really cool website about spiritual phenomenon.
Another anime nerd cataloging all things PKMN, especially Gary.
Personal site with a lot of really cool coding & a very cute cat.
Art blog and personal journal. Touken Ranbu and Guilty Gear focused.
Personal blog & frog enthusiast. Touched a succulent pig once.
Fanfiction & fanart for a variety of series and OCs. The layout on this site is like smooth, creamy peanutbutter for the eyes.
Cute personal blog & shrines for pokemon and digimon.
Neat photography blog. Lots of older digital cameras.

If you're a button collector and would like to take my button back with you from this button bizzarre, here's one I made for my site.

Visual treats
  • Cameron's World (Very neat digital collage)
  • Yvette's Bridal Formal (Incredible rabbit hole)