June 2021

◉ 06/29
- mood: accomplished, creative
- card pull: Queen of Swords
  • complexity, perceptive, clear mindedness

    I feel really good about myself today. I ran a lot of errands and donated some stuff that's been sitting in my trunk for about a month. It felt good getting rid of the last few items dumped on me that have absolutely no meaning or positive memories attached to them. I hope they will bring someone else happiness.

    During my errands, I was able to get red shiso leaves to use for pickles I'll be making tonight. Oh! almost forgot... ( 〃▽〃). Well, I'll have to get started making those after dinner tonight. They take about 2 days to pickle and I'm gonna use them to make these really delicious futomaki rolls for the zine I'm a part of. I'll have to share the recipe once it's finished. I'm really proud of my sushi making abilities!

    I think it's interesting I drew the queen of swords cause I definitely feel like I've been having a streak of clear communication lately. I'm not sure if it's me or the universe making things easier momentarily, but I feel at ease with everything. And I've been having a lot of deep conversations about boundaries and expectations, and it just feels like I deglazed a pan that's in need of a good cleaning.

    ◉ 06/24
    - mood: energized, satisfied
    - card pull: The Devil

  • excess, materialism, playfulness

    Oof, I think the universe is reading me haha. This card pull is following several luxary purchases I made and I really need to cool it with the spending. A lot of it was budgeted for, but I need to slow down and really appreciate what I have. It was mostly all practical stuff aside from a lunchbox and a couple of keychains--bought a second chair for the living room so there's actually seating for guest now and replaced the old, shitty pans with nice stainless steel and carbon steel ones. I'm sitting in my bougie-ass Lovesac as I type this entry and I'd say it was worth the expense. Here's a pic of my cat enjoying the sac.

    Seasoning these pans is gonna be a production, but I'm excited to use them and see how food turns out in them. I already have a castiron pan, so having a few carbon steel ones shouldn't be too difficult. I am just looking forward to not having to replace pans and having to worry about injesting whatever funky stuff they coat non-stick pans with. I'll have to give an update once the seasoning process is finished and I can actually cook with them.

    I've been really enjoying my time off and managed to use my polaroid some too. I think my problem right now is I'm getting over excited about too many hobbies and ventures all at once, so that might be why I'm spending so much money on stuff. But I know that it's all stuff I'd use...┐('~`;)┌ . I'm not manic, I think.... Just really motivated and inspired lately. I managed to recode and redesign a lot of this website too, so I hope I can keep up the energy with coding and cooking and writing and drawing. But I also have a felting project I've been meaning to work on for a year...Too many hobbies! Not enough time! I wish I didn't have to sleep!