July 2021

◉ 07/18
- mood: excited, social
- card pull: The High Priestess
  • intuition, unconscious, inner voice

    Woah, super weird that I pulled this card again. Creepy. I guess this week is supposed to be a big week for inner reflection. I've been feeling good about a lot of the different creative projects I've been working on, especially with this site. I was able to create an index for what's going to be a massive YGO DM shrine and now I just need to think about what I'm going to add to it next. I also got a huuuuge compliment on this fic I wrote for someone and I'm super happy about it.

    Right now I've been watching Supernatural with my partner cause they brought it back up that we were almost finished with season 4 and even though they have a complicated history with that show, it's interesting to hear them talk about their opinons and see them nerd out over something with me. I missed that.

    I ordered myself some core cards to have an IRL Ghosttrick deck and I'm really excited for that. There's a few cards I'll have to see about collecting individually, but this will make it a lot easier, especially since I was able to get a 39 card deck for $14. I might go to the game store tomorrow to see about getting some more card sleeves. I'm also excited for that cause I haven't been to a game store since the pandemic started, but it'll be nice to go to one again. I haven't dueled since 2017 so I'm gonna be rusty, but I'd like to get back into it. I finally feel like I'm able to enjoy a lot of my hobbies again, so I guess that really means therapy helped.

    Time to make pizza for dinner and finish SPN season 4....

    ◉ 07/14
    - mood: motivated, but a tad bit sad
    - card pull: The High Priestess

  • intuition, unconscious, inner voice

    I'm feeling better today, but still kind of out of it. Yesterday my hamster died, and I was totally expecting it, but you'll never truly be prepared for a pet death. For some reason, both of my hamsters passed away on the 13th of the month, one in June, now this one in July. Kind of an eerie cooincidence. I will miss him, but at the same time I'm glad he passed on because he was growing a couple tumors and now he doesn't have to live with those anymore. I think my cats might miss him the most, because they've been acting weird all day today and were disappointed they couldn't see him this morning running around his cage.

    Here's a few of my favorite pictures of the little guy: [1] [2] [3]

    Rest in peace, Bede ❤

    I'm feeling decent about my art though. I've been drawing a lot lately and put together some pages for my OCs. I'll have to post some of it here once Artcade is over.

    Also! Thank you to Joey Wheeler for visiting my guestbook not once, but twice! I never expected such a famous duelist to check my site out ♡(。- ω -). And hi, Miki! I love seeing new signatures in my guestbook.