January 2022

◉ 01/02
- mood: comfy, escapist
- card pull: VIII of Swords
  • imprisonment, powerlessness, self-victimization

    Damn tfw you're supposed to be the one reading the cards, but they read you instead lol. Well...I mean I'm feeling okay for the most part. My break is nearing its end and I'm not looking forward to being back at work. I mean I'm happy I'm being moved to full time, but I'm just feeling really overwhelmed with the dumpsterfire I'm going to come back to now that COVID rates are at an all time high. I think that must be where the cards are sensing my feelings of imprisonment. I do feel powerless over a lot of that situation, but I guess I just need to suck it up and hope for the best. Or leave. Many options. But I'd rather stay, considering I do really enjoy my job when I'm not having to fear for the health of my partner. So it goes, I guess...

    Well, in not as depressing news where I have complete and total control over the outcomes, I rescued a stray from my yard about a month ago. His name is Spaghetti and he's very sweet. He'll have to get one of his arms amputated soon, but in the meantime he's aclimating very well to being inside. He also has ringworm lol, so I have to glove up so he doesn't pass his funky fungus to me or my other cats.

    Here's a lil vid of him meowin'

    Maybe I'll write an essay sometime about how to TNR and rescue cats. This is the second cat I've taken in like this, but by far he has the most problems. Is it weird of me to wonder what they'll do with his arm after it's chopped off?