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Avery . Malachi

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Species: Rattlesnake
Pronouns: They/them
Personality: Lazy, misanthropic, easily excited and overwhelmed, quick to ranting, and absolutely enamored with all aspects of death. Surprisingly gullible.
Avery is a self-taught necromancer necrophile NEET. Their interest in this dark art is purely to fulfil their own selfish desires to one day build the perfect lover. Avery is unintearested in participating in the world of the living, so they spend most of their time online researching and chatting on forums. To make ends meet, and to fuel their own ego, they do shows on Necronomi-Cam with their bone of the week. Avery is roomies with Malachi (somehow this worked out), and they have an arrangement where Malachi is asked to pick up "deliveries" from graverobbers to aid Avery's "studies". Though, Avery doesn't have the heart to admit what these bones/body parts are being used for.

  • Dead bodies...
  • Virtual Reality
  • IRC
  • (Poorly) Studying necromancy
  • Breakcore
  • Camming
  • Arguing on paranormal forums
  • Online auctions
  • Snoozing past noon
  • DIY piercing
  • GFuel
  • Gyros

  • Dislikes
  • Social events
  • Leaving the house
  • Most other necromancers (especially know-it-alls)
  • Knocks at their door (have the cops caught on?)
  • Being cold
  • Pizza
  • NSFW ok! (click here for more info) Since Avery is a snake, they have a hemipenis (TWO dicks) so please reflect this in any sexual scenarios. Feel free to go nuts with your interpretation of this. I do not have a genital preference for them other than this, so they might also have a vag too in addition to their cocks/clits/whatever.

    Prompts: I would love to see/read Avery fucking up with an attempted ressurection. Maybe the "date" does not go well. Maybe they accidentally forgot to make their zombie date friendly. Maybe they have a mix of parts from different deceased and there's some kind of chaos that ensues. I wolid also be happy to see Avery really annoyed and disappointed with the pizza that Malachi got from work.

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  • Non-con where Avery is on the recieving end. Dub-con is fine though.
  • Feeding
  • Queerness or transness as a major plot point
  • Vore
  • Inflation
    By Unlik3lyGrader - Artcade 2022 By Mewbleu - Artcade 2022 By cave_kanem - Artcade 2022 By Rocky - Artcade 2022 Artcade profile pick for the Avester
  • > "la_risurrezione & xxDeathx69xKumxx" by miscellanium
  • > "Raid" by Mikiri_Tohoshima

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    Species: Bobcat
    Pronouns: He/him
    Personality: Idealist (but very burnt-out), practical, easy-going, outdoorsy, curious, easily scared. Hates his job and is often daydreaming when on the clock. He won't admit that he's just a tad pretentious.
    Malachi is an over-educated pizza delivery boy with an advanced degree in witchcraft. Unfortunately for him, the market is oversaturated with spellcasters, so he landed himself in a crappy food service job where he spends most of his day teleporting to deliver over-priced pizzas. When Malachi isn't dealing pepperonis, he's hunting for antiques that he collects and enchants. In need of a place to stay after graduating, he replied to a roommate ad from Avery. Malachi likes that Avery is also a fellow collector, though of a more macabre kind of antique. Malachi is unaware of what Avery does with the sklils and bones they collect, but he's happy to help scout out the ocassional ethically questionable estate-sale find.

  • Treking in the woods to hunt for abandoned trinkets (junk)
  • Antiquing
  • New Wave
  • Alt-fashion (when not in uniform)
  • Proudly wearing his Bachelor's of Magic tabard (gotta flaunt that degree somehow...and he definitely doesn't have enough money to go back for his graduate degree wizard robes)
  • Dragging Avery out of the house (it takes a lot of convincing, but Malachi has his ways)
  • Desserts (big sweet tooth!)

  • Dislikes
  • Working food service
  • Scary movies
  • Getting rid of things
  • Confrontation (he will naivly convince himself things aren't as bad as they seem just do his best to go along)
  • Socks and shoes (This cat goes barefoot! He loves to feel the grass beneath his feet as a reminder of nature! That's why he moved to rural Tennessee to begin with!)
  • NSFW ok! (click here for more info) I have no genital preference for Malachi. Whatever you want him to have, he has. Please make sure he keeps his tabbard on though. Sorry, babe! The tabbard stays on during sex!

    Prompts: I'd love to see/read about Malachi studying magic or enchanting something. Or something related to leaving school and moving in with Avery. If you're familiar with the Samurai Pizza Cats anime, I'd love to see this pizza cat in that style :3.

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  • Non-con or dub-con
  • Feeding
  • Queerness or transness as a major plot point
  • Vore
  • Inflation
  • Anything where Malachi is in serious harm or dies
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